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From Laura Robinson, Author, Toxicologist, Trainer.
"Toxicology training on demand, whenever and wherever you are.."

Video-based toxicology presentations for non-toxicologists complete with lecture notes and handouts.

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Toxicology Training Online is an ideal product if you would like to/need to improve your knowledge of toxicology, but do not have time to either attend any of my live webinars or a face to face training session.

The benefit is that you can select toxicological topics of interest at times which suit you; watch the videos, read the lecture notes and accompanying handouts and ask questions.

The website is designed to enable you to “dip in and out” of different topics as you wish. Furthermore, live support by email or phone is also provided should you have any questions related to the material.

The material has been written for anyone who works in global regulatory compliance, occupational hygiene and medicine, R&D, HSE, Product Stewardship, chemists as well as for business managers involved in Regulatory Compliance/consortia meetings, trade associations, etc. In fact for anyone who needs a good introductory overview of toxicology!

What current users say about Toxicology Training Online

“This is a first-rate training system and I am finding it extremely useful. The ability to watch the presentations on demand is a real bonus. The handouts and slides are very good too.” G.M  (Regulatory Affairs), Solvents Industry, UK.

I have gone through several of the sections of the website and find the content well-written and extremely useful.  Also, given my schedule, being able to use the website as time permits is a fantastic benefit!)”  S.A., Regulatory Affairs, USA.

“I like it (the website) because is very succinct, precise and complete at the same time. Many books in toxicology or risk assessment are very long and complex. In order to summarise something, it takes some time + as a non-specialist, I will never be sure if I summarised correctly. With your slides, I am sure about the basics in toxicology and I could start building from that level.”   Regulatory Affairs, Belgium.

"I finally completed your entire course and I thought it was excellent. It helped me a lot to understand the underlying principles of studies to determine the safety of chemicals used in the classification process. Three things I thought were helpful in your approach; first was how you used three different communication methods to explain the material, the videos, the powerpoint slides and the lesson summaries and you said it slightly differently in each so that helped my understanding. The second was the list of outcomes at the beginning of each lesson which I used as a test for myself when I finished to see if I got the material. Finally was the strong connection to chemical safety which you made in each section. Thank you for your help during the course it was well worth the time." James Crotty, Hazard Communication, SDS author, USA


online toxicology training video

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    1. For those working in the chemical industry without formal training in toxicology and for those who want to know more about how chemical cause harm.

  1. i wish to know the research methods followed and adapt in toxicology.
    and i would like to do my own project.
    but i have nil of knowledge to do this.

  2. I am delighted to see this. I have done Ms Robinsons webinars before and found them to be very good.I am currently studying for the DOH and this will augment my coursework well.

  3. Hello, I am inquiring from Canada (ON) and wondered if your course would be value added for me here? Is there much reference to legislation and limits that may be different? I really want to understand medical terms listed in MSDS’s under tox info and be able to articulate this information in laymans terms to workers. But I need to understand the effects of chemicals on the employees and what it all means, severity and time lines etc.
    Thank you,
    Anne T

    1. Hi Anne

      Many thanks for your query. Firstly, ToxicologyTrainingOnline is not region or legislation specific – but instead gives a good grounding in the principles of toxicology, i.e. how chemicals cause harm, dose, exposure, assessment approaches that can be used etc. From the description of the work that you do I think it would be very useful.

      However, what you might find useful is a demonstration of the online training product. If you think this might me useful please email me some dates (I think we probably have a time difference of at least 5 hours depending on where in Canada you are located), and I will set up a webinar live link where I can demonstrate the website and you can then see if it what you are looking for.

      Kind regards

      Email –

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